How NEW works for  industry change

NEW’s experience in women’s leadership, our exclusive focus on the retail and consumer goods industry and our powerful community make us uniquely positioned to help lead this movement for gender parity and workplace change. Since its founding, NEW has been the industry’s essential partner in developing leaders and creating the successful workforce strategies organizations need to compete.


NEW is uniquely qualified to help drive gender parity
and transform our industry’s workplace


NEW represents nearly 10,500 members in the U.S. and Canada. Our NEW Future Fund will help us rapidly increase our membership and become an even more powerful force for change. The Fund will enable mentorship, showcase role models and provide targeted learning opportunities to meet the needs of female leaders at every stage of their development. We will help our partners identify new opportunities to develop women leaders. We will address employers’ top concern — finding and keeping the talent they need to unlock productivity, spur innovation and drive growth.


NEW by the numbers

2 North American conferences

3 signature learning programs

45 industry and partner events

143 regional events and mixers

22,669 event attendees

20 regions

105 corporate partners

965 organizations

724 regional committee members

10,304 members

Source: Network of Executive Women, December 31, 2016.

A model for industry change

It’s a simple but powerful formula — a powerful career model multiplied by a pyramid of programs that equals more women leaders and a greater talent advantage for you. It starts with the NEW Career Accelerator Model,TM developed in conjunction with the Center for Creative Leadership. The Model — based on extensive research of industry women — identifies factors that can advance (or halt) women’s advancement to senior leadership, including core competencies such as communication and leadership, and career derailers such as playing it safe and not adapting to change.


The NEW Future Fund will help you
advance more women, faster


NEW’s signature learning programs deploy the NEW Career Accelerator ModelTM to provide feedback on the key competencies for women over time to drive sustainable behavior change. The NEW learning model works: One-third of the women enrolled in our inaugural NEW Executive Institute have already been promoted.


NEW Career Accelerator ModelTM

What the NEW Future Fund will do

The NEW Future Fund builds on our NEW 2020 research and strategic plan to drive sustainable change in our industry. The NEW Future Fund will transform individuals — and companies. The new resources and abilities powered by the Fund will enable NEW to provide organizations with industry-specific insights to help them retain and advance women leaders, grow their business and make our industry the leading destination for diverse talent.


Technology to transform the workplace and
drive 50/50 gender parity in the industry


TECHNOLOGY. New systems and software will strengthen NEW’s infrastructure and facilitate industry insights, leadership development, membership, community and engagement.

INSIGHTS. Proprietary research, industry benchmarking and best practices will help organizations understand their performance compared to other retail/CPG companies, and recommend steps to improve it.

LEARNING. Our proprietary NEW Career Accelerator Model,™ based on research conducted with the respected Center for Creative Leadership, identifies industry-specific competencies and derailers for women. Expanded NEW learning programs will address these factors and complement company leadership development programs.

COMMUNITY. The NEW Future Fund will drive engagement and increase retention through the power of community. We will support and develop your leaders and leverage technology to provide mentoring, coaching and a sense of belonging. Our communities will act like business resource groups for your workforce, expanding networks and providing valuable connections.