What you can do

Everyone has a stake in the future of our industry. Here’s how you can support the NEW Future Fund and our campaign for 50/50 gender parity in our industry.



  • Drive 50/50 gender parity at every level of your company.
  • Hold your senior leaders accountable for diversity and inclusion.
  • Advocate for women’s leadership, within your company and at industry events.
  • Financially support the NEW Future Fund.

  • Create a reputation for social responsibility for your company and a personal legacy for yourself.


Senior executive

  • Become an advocate for gender parity.
  • Increase inclusion in your talent pipeline.
  • Support organizations like NEW that support women and diversity.
  • Encourage your employees to take advantage of NEW resources and events.
  • Nurture, mentor and sponsor talented women.
  • Urge your corporate leadership to support the NEW Future Fund.
  • Celebrate promotions and accomplishments publicly.


Mid-level executive

  • Use NEW learning programs to develop your teams.
  • Mentor and develop women on your team with NEW programs and resources.
  • Increase your personal engagement with NEW — speak about NEW at company and NEW regional events.
  • Enlist men in the goal of 50/50 gender parity and bring them to NEW events.
  • Become a NEW Ambassador or leader.


Emerging leader

  • Become a member of NEW, if you’re not already.
  • Build your network and increase your learning at NEW regional events.
  • Advance your career with NEW learning programs and webinars.
  • Attend the NEW Leadership Summit.
  • Share NEW research and subscribe to our free newsletters.
  • Create networking events around NEW webinars.
  • Follow NEW on social media and connect with more than 44,000 NEW followers.
  • Be an advocate — senior leaders want to hear what you have to have to say.
  • Share your story — write a blog about why gender parity matters.


For more resources and action items, visit our NEW It’s Time movement website.